After graduating with a Master degree in Geology-Hydrogeology from the French University Paris VI-UPMC, Aurelie joined a French company SET Environnement. There she was involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Water Impact Assessment (WIA). During this first work experience, she had the opportunity to build solid skills on Water Management and also to gain confidence in managing various project parties involved. The Singaporean adventure started about 2 years ago when she joined the NUS groundwater team as hydrogeologist and project coordinator. She has developed a larger skill panel as she has been participating to field works, data analysis and modelling tasks through groundwater research projects on reclaimed areas in Singapore. The offshore groundwater exploration project enables me to essentially focus on geology and geophysics as the onshore and offshore geological structure of Singapore had to be understood prior to modelling. Following the first insights of this project, she is interested to be part of the oriented geophysical research of Singapore underground exploration.

Research Interests

  • Small scale groundwater extraction/injection simulations: sandbox experiment
  • Groundwater modeling in reclaimed areas
  • Regional geology of Singapore and offshore groundwater exploration using geophysics