Li Xin is currently a Ph.D. candidate in department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NUS. Before joining NUS, he earned his master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering at Tianjin University, China. His research focuses on application of statistical modelling tools and machine learning techniques in quantifying the impact of Global Climate Change on regional hydrologic and water resources systems. The key research question that he intends to answer is, how regional or local hydrologic and water resources systems react to climate, especially in the context of climate change? 

Research Interests

  • Statistical and stochastic modelling (Stochastic and statistical rainfall models, copula, Bayesian analysis)
  • Flood and drought characterization in a non-stationary world
  • Statistical downscaling
  • Hydrologic modelling

Honours and Awards

  • NUS Research Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education, China