Martin is a physicist with an interest in geology. Before joining the groundwater team, he worked as a geophysicist for a petroleum exploration company where he processed 2D/3D marine seismic data for exploration projects in APAC region. Martin was involved in testing and liaising with clients for approval of testing results for various processing stages such as Swell Noise Attenuation, Tau-P Deconvolution, Debubbling and Deghosting, and Velocity Model Building for Pre-Stack Time and Pre-Stack Depth Migration.

In the groundwater team, Martin focuses on bridging the gap between computer groundwater models and field experiments through laboratory experiments, drawing on his analytical skills as a geophysicist. Being part of a multi-disciplinary group, Martin is exposed to other aspects of the work and has gained experience in designing field experiments as well as building computational models.

Martin obtained his Bachelor Degree in Physics from the National University of Singapore where he graduated with First-class Honours.